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Kinesthetic Bodhi

Breathe, Balance, Be


 Aum ~ Welcome to Kinesthetic Bodhi; breathe, balance, be. Owner/ Operator Ashleigh Jeffery-Price has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Ashleigh is a Yoga Therapist and a certified Gold Level Instructor through the Canadian Yoga Alliance.


Currently, Ashleigh is offering classes out of her home based studio  in Horseshoe Valley via virtual platforms. Her training includes: Hatha Vinyasa, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga for Children with Special Needs, Hot/ Lava Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kirtan, inspired Vedic Thai assisted Yoga and The Groove Method. Ashleigh's community partners include: Autism Ontario, Catulpa, Gilda's Club, Candlelighters, The Starlight Foundation, BLiSS Ann Green Yoga, Workfactors and Field Nature . Through these organizations, Ashleigh develops, implements and offers a variety of programs for  adults,  teens, children and families. 


Ashleigh believes in working with all ages and levels to assist in the exploration and discovery of awareness through movement. 


"Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it Acts like". ~ Ethan Walker III 



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Yoga is such a personal experience as I have come to understand over the past 19 years of my practice. The key to growing through yoga is searching for and finding a "Yogi" that is capable of reaching you on all levels - spiritually, emotionally and physically - truly a gift to find this all rolled up into one person. Fortunately for me I found all these skills with Ashleigh Jeffery Price.
Ashleigh is able to intuitively assess individuals and modify each class to meet our needs each time we gather for a yoga class. The classes become so personalized as a result even in a group setting. Her willingness to help people heal and recover on all levels is paramount to her approach. Ashleigh genuinely cares. To experience Ashleigh is to experience Yoga at it's best!
In health, Namaste

 ~Anne Baird

I had regularly participated in a group class for over two years and I was feel apprehensive about returning to yoga after a three year break. I knew that my body had missed the benefits of yoga but I also knew that I needed an entirely different yoga experience. I began a one-on-one yoga program with Ashleigh and I knew from the very first session that this was exactly the experience I needed; a program that was aimed completely toward my individual needs. In only  a few sessions, my specific mobility issues that Ashleigh addressed improved significantly. My pain level with certain every day activities decreased and in some cases disappeared entirely!  Ashleigh is an exceptionally warm and caring individual who brings a wealth of knowledge to the mat. She has a way of intuitively connecting the mind, body and spirit so that you leave her class feeling refreshed, relaxed and grounded. Thank you Ashleigh for restoring my love of yoga! 

~Donna Johnson


Ashleigh is a yogi that is able to assess and relate to her clients, either individually or as a group, and tailor her practice to suit everyone's needs. She listens to any health concerns and immediately tries to find a strategy to help each client. Her yoga classes calm or invigorate and have been a blessing in my health journey. 

~Sherry Houle 

We met Ashleigh following our 8 year old daughter's cancer treatment. This child who was once a confident, capable individual and dancer had become an anxious, brittle bodied warrior as a result of the treatment and trauma she experienced in her cancer journey. Ashleigh worked patiently and calmly with our daughter, letting her set the pace and tone of her sessions. Ashleigh was in tune with our daughter's need to strengthen her mind and body with humour and humanity. Afraid of being touched even in a small correction of posture, over time Ashleigh was able to help our girl remember that not all touch hurts. 

Ashleigh is a gifted yogi. She brings love and light to her space and welcomes you in all of your beauty and brokenness to belong there with her. She intuitively guides you through work that challenges your physicality, spirituality, and personal level of endurance, and then knows just when to shift gears to balance it all.

Ashleigh genuinely cares about the people she works with and honours the whole person in their journey. Her incredible knowledge, skill, and training have helped our  daughter immensely. Thank you, Ashleigh, for being such an important part of our daughter's recovery!

~Kerri-Ann MacKay 

Miss Ashleigh's yoga classes for kids are INCREDIBLE. They are very engaging and filled with content that kids can understand. They developed confidence, flexibility and strength during their practice. More importantly they developed a greater awareness of their mind-body connection.  My kids loved going to yoga with Miss Ashleigh. The classes were so much FUN!

~Rosa Bitonti 














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